Trendz – Hudson Outdoor Fireplace


Sharp, tidy, minimalistic. The Hudson is a perfect fireplace for those with a more compact outdoor entertaining area, or for those seeking a fireplace that created a more intimate setting. Like many great designs the Hudson’s simplicity speaks volumes. Without being over the top the Hudson still manages to draw your eye, whilst the warmth draws in great conversation and long, memorable evenings.


Height: 2600mm
Width: 1390mm
Depth: 650mm
Features: 1 x Prefabricated Shell, 1 x 6mm double-skinned steel firebox, 1 x Stainless Steel Cooking Grill
Optional Accessories: Stainless Capp, Wood Boxes, Hearth, Stainless Firebox Surround, Stainless Door, Mesh Door, Chimney Extension, Anti-Downdraft Cowl

Heating Capacity:


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