Skantherm – Emotion


Emotion certainly lives up to its name, evoking a range of feelings from fascination to comfort and nostalgia.

Celebrating man’s ancient and complex relationship with fire, this stove has a generous curved glass door and its rotating burning chamber offers the flexibility to put fire wherever you desire.


  • Burning chamber rotatable by 120°, even while in use
  • Covered combustion air controller for precise, efficient use of fuel
  • Winner of multiple awards, including the iF Product Design Award
  • Optional wood drawer base
  • Designed by Prof. Wulf Schneider + Partner

External Dimensions

Height: 1332mm
Width: 700mm
Depth: 433mm

Other Secifications:

Features: Rotates 120°. Deep Black or Grey finish.
Emissions: 1.2 g/kg

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