Rinnai – 1250


The Rinnai 1250 is a premium landscape fireplace. At over 1.3 metres wide, the long landscape design will make a bold statement in your home. Stunning design, energy efficiency, installation flexibility and high heat output are the hallmarks of the 1250 – so you can relax, for longer.

External Dimensions

Height: 620mm
Width: 1320mm
Depth: 595mm

Insert Dimensions

Height: 570mm
Width: 1265mm
Depth: 570mm

Other Secifications:

Features: Premium, landscape design, High 5.5 star efficiency rating, Ideal for new homes and major renovations
Finishes: Black, Stainless Steel on Black & Stainless Steel
Gas Type: NG & LPG

Heating Capacity: 125m2 (13 squares)


125m2 (13 squares)

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