Jotul – F 305


Jotul F 305 series has a hoizontal design that makes it easy to place logs and provides a rapid 10kW peak heat transfer to the room. Integrated convection has an impressive 1 g/kg emission rate. With Norwegian designers Anderssen & Voll, Jotul have made a stove which merges 160 years of heating epxerience with timeless design. Available iwth Lon Legs (LL) or wood stacker base (B).

External Dimensions

Height: 850mm
Width: 560mm
Depth: 420mm

Other Secifications:

Features: Colour Options, Top or Rear Flue
Emissions: 1.0 grams/kg
Output: 10kW Peak (9kW ave)

78% Peak (64% ave)
Heating Capacity:
130m2 (14 squares)

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