Fantech Plus – One to One Room Kit

Heat Transfer Kits are designed to draw warm air from a room with a heat source such as a fireplace or potbelly stove, and deliver this warm air to other areas of the house. They are easy to install and economical to run.

We also offer custom heat transfer designs to suit the number of vent outlets required.  (1/1)

Other Secifications:

Features: High are velocity into rooms, ensures warm air reaches the occupants. Kits include all necessary components. Two and three bedroom kits include a 2-speed switch to vary air velocity. High quality in-line fan includes plug and lead. Easy to install and exonomical to run.
Kit Includes : 1. In-line fan 2. Adjustable Grille 3. Insulated Duct 4. Duct Tape 5. Branch Take Off (One to Two & Three Kits only) 6. 2-Speed Switch (One to Two & Three Kits only)
Optional Accessories: Fan Control. Thermostat

Heating Capacity:

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