CMF – Bambino 3


The Bamino 3 is larger than the Bambino 1, with the capacity to cook 2 large (4 small) pizzas. It boasts a refractory brick floor, stainless steel flue and sits on a strong wrought iron stand. The front of the oven also has an optional granite benchtop and storage shelf below. The Bambino will bring to life gourmet pizza at home producing a crisp, crusty base and the radiant heat will brown your cheese perfectly. This oven also produces incredible roasts, veggies & breads. Fully built, the Bambino is quick and easy to set up, and can be moved around by four people or wheeled on seeled surface using purpose made casters.


Height: 590mm
Width: 930mm
Depth: 950mm
Features: Available with Red Brick Arch finish. Aesthetically pleasing – making it a focal point in any area, Fast light up – 30-40 minutes. Fully weatherproof for inside or outside use, Residual heat allows slow cook – ideal for baking fresh bread. Australia wide supply.
Optional Accessories: Caster Wheels for portability

Heating Capacity:

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