ADF – Linea 100 Insert


A large firebox with an equally large glass viewing area presents the Linea 100 an ideal option for heating medium to large areas. This unit has a Triple Combustion system that creates a dramatic flame pattern. The ADF insert range caters itself for easy installation into new homes with a Skamotec false chimney enclosure system. It’s unique flue damper system reduces smoke issues with re-fuelling common with other lineal designs.

External Dimensions

Height: 465mm
Width: 1012mm
Depth: 450mm

Other Secifications:

Features: Flue Damper System, Removable Door Handle, Minimalistic Frame
Emissions: 1.2 g/kg

Heating Capacity: 250m2 (27 squares)
Efficiency: 73.4% Peak (64% ave)


250m2 (27 squares)
73.4% Peak (64% ave)

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