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A wood-burning stove on a pedestal – lightweight and elegant

At first glance, it's the stove's large glass area that impresses you. The very large window section at the front and sides of the stove creates a stove, where the fire and flames can be seen just as well from anywhere in the room. The wood-burning stove on a pedestal raises the combustion chamber, giving the spectacular side and front glass sections an elegant lightness.

A wood-burning stove with 10 years' guarantee

All our cast iron wood-burning stoves come with a 10 years' guarantee – that says something about the quality. The advantages are many. The cast iron retains the heat for longer and distributes it better. The cast iron is also highly resistant to burn-through and it neither distorts nor skews after heating up and cooling down. And, of course, the stove bears the Nordic Swan Eco-label and complies with the strictest environmental requirements.

Product Code

Product Code: MOH7948


Height: 1157 mm

Width: 435 mm

Depth: 504 mm

Heat Output

High Heat: 9.4kW

Heat Type: Radiant

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