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The MOH6143 wood burning stove will tastefully decorate any room with its deeply elegant oval column. Employing a refined and timeless design idiom, this perfect design with its large glass door, concealed hinges and simple lines makes the MOH6143 an original gem.

Internally the stove is equipped with modern combustion technology, which ensures optimal fuel utilisation and gives the owner a clear conscience with regard to the environment. The Model 6143 bears the Nordic Swan Eco-label, as do all the stoves in the 6100 -series.

The MOH6143 wood burning stove is a small convection stove with impressive performance capability. It is perfectly suited for use as the primary heat source in smaller homes, or as a supplement to another heat supply. The MOH6143 can easily heat up to 90 m2, and burns either wood or wood briquettes.

MOH6143 is available with plain base and log storage.


Product Code

Product Code: MOH6143


Height: 950 mm

Width: 386 mm

Depth: 451 mm

Heat Output

High Heat: 6kW

Heat Type: Radiant

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