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Nectre Mk2

  • Pedestal

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  • Technical details of Nectre Mk 2 LE

The Nectre Mk2 has the same simple but elegant lines as do all Nectres but is double cased so it can be installed very close to walls or furniture. The double casing also maximises air convection and shifts heat around your home with great effectiveness. A maximum output of 20kW makes the Mk2 the perfect heater for homes that are hard to heat and where installation is tight. Effectively heating around 185m2 (20 squares), with an efficiency of up to 81%, you and your family will live in comfort for years to come. Your Nectre Mk2 will also be kind to the environment with a low emissions rating of 0.82g/kg (1.28g/kg with a fan).

Heat Output

High Heat: 18kW

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