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Blaze 810LE Inbuilt

  • Blaze 800LE Free Inbuilt

  • Blaze 800LE Free Inbuilt

  • Technical details of Blaze 800LE Inbuilt

The stylish 800LE Insert Series is designed to be installed into a full masonry cavity. With modern, stylish looks it will enhance any decor. Beyond its looks, it is an extremely clean burning fire with low emissions of 1.22g/kg for the 810LE.

Like the freestanding models the 810LE is outstandingly efficient, with an efficiency rating of 63%, warming the hearts of anyone concerned for the environment as well as your home. It also has the ability to heat an impressive 25 squares (230m2), making it the perfect heater for contemporary open plan living.

Heat Output

Heat Type: Convective

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